Think back to your first day at your current job. Do you remember what it felt like to be the newbie? Do you remember what happened?

Maybe the HR staff made you feel accepted and appreciated right away, or the team showed enthusiasm when meeting you for the first time. Maybe you were immediately excited by the projects you’d be starting. Maybe you hit the ground running, with the support of your colleagues and managers.

Or maybe you were one of the unlucky ones.

Many employees remember that on Day One, their desk or office wasn’t ready for them, that they spent a lot of time waiting for someone to figure out where they should go or that they were shuffled around without a schedule because the company hadn’t appropriately planned for their first day.

For the sake of our employees and our business, we’d rather be the company that did things the right way, yes? Okay. Then use these tips to start off on the right foot with every new employee, every time.

Tip #1 – Create a Welcoming Culture

Discuss your new hire orientation goals with everyone — from top to bottom! Let them know how you want employees to feel welcome and tell them about opportunities for them to support this effort. Encourage everyone to pause and take time to reach out to new hires, or give them all a direct role in the welcoming procedure. You may even consider creating a sponsorship or mentor program for that extra-personal touch.

Tip #2 – Be Prepared for Their Arrival

You know when your new hire is coming, and you’re excited. Show this by being prepared! Set up new hires’ workspaces complete with office supplies and company directory. Leave a company logo item as a welcoming gift, if you have one, to make them feel a part of the team right away. Have all paperwork lined up and ready to go, and create an agenda for their day. You don’t have to go so far as to print them a daily schedule, but if you can, even better!

Tip #3 – Give a Grand Tour

Show off your facilities and teams, and prepare new hires for navigating the building. For comfort, they need to know where the bathroom, their office and their supervisor’s office are located. These little details make a big difference! Take them around to each relevant department and introduce them to key people.

Tip #4 – Take Them to Lunch

Get to know your employees as people. You can start by forming a small group to take each new hire out to lunch. Be sure to mention any upcoming social events you’ll be having, as well, to loop them into the company culture right away.

Tip #5 – Keep Them Busy

For each new employee you bring in, be sure there is an immediate task for him or her to complete. Provide the details needed to be successful and the contact information for others involved. Encourage managers to provide extra support in the beginning to ensure a successful start. A positive first experience leads to more and more.

Tip #6 – Follow Up

Create a schedule for yourself to check in with new employees at regular intervals for the first 90 days. Encourage managers, mentors and team members to do the same. It’s wonderful to receive a great welcome, but if the feeling doesn’t continue, you could leave an employee wondering if he or she made the right choice.

Of course there are other ways to welcome employees, all of which lead to better employee retention. Want to know more tips to make your new hires feel like the treasures they are? Contact The Marlo Company. We’re here to support you in your hiring and onboarding efforts to make sure those new employees become satisfied, long-term ones!

In the spirit of success,


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