In the Building a Cohesive Team series, we have discussed trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability.  This is the fifth and final behavior: results! When considering the five behaviors of a cohesive team, visualize a pyramid. The bottom of that pyramid is trust and the top is results! Hmmmm! When a team has the proper foundation (trust) it is much easier to achieve the top of the pyramid (results)!  Results are achieved because members trust one another, are not afraid of conflict, are committed, and hold one another accountable. Results are our desired outcome, so building a solid foundation for them just makes sense.

Team members holding one another accountable ensures collective results. When the team is not focused on collective results, the organization gives the competition a competitive advantage. This also causes an organization to lose achievement-oriented employees.  Further, lack of focus on results encourages members of the team to focus on their individual career and goals, and limits growth.

Cohesive teams are intolerant of behaviors that are self-serving rather than promoting the common good. Consequently, team members make sacrifices to drive the collective results of their teams. By avoiding the natural tendency to put individual needs before the team/organization’s needs, we protect potential erosion of the very foundation a cohesive team is built upon-trust!

The key to avoiding this problem lies in keeping results in the forefront of people’s minds. There are many ways to do this, such as scoreboards, organization report cards, and performance metrics.  Organizations benefit when expectations are clear and standards are consistent.  Give us a call 571-285-8127 or email us today and determine whether your organization is ready to build a cohesive team! Visit The Marlo Company, Inc. to learn about Building a Cohesive Team.

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