In this series, we will talk about a tool that can help you understand the differences and similarities in people’s relationships using the True Colors Personality Profile indicator. True Colors is a personality profile based on four colors: blue, orange, gold, and green. I have been a certified facilitator for True Colors for 16 years and the results I’ve witnessed are amazing!

There is so much that can be gained from understanding the preferences that people have based on the True Colors color spectrum. Spectrum refers to the percentage of each color within an individual’s profile.

There are other factors to consider, such as introversion and extroversion, as well. Introverts process inwardly. They typically don’t engage in conversation in meetings and volunteer to share their thoughts on discussion unless asked.  Extroverts, on the other hand, engage outwardly.  They are the individuals who ask you a question and answer it themselves and kindly thank you for helping them to come to a solution.  Yet, you provided no insight. Truth is, they didn’t need you to come to a solution; they just needed to talk out loud.

So, let’s take a brief look at some characteristics of the four colors as we introduce this series and as we introduce each color over the next four weeks, possibly you can identify where you fall in the color spectrum.

Colors introduced….

There are people who prefer tradition and are resistant to change. They follow the rules…all the time. They are very responsible people. Yep! You hate it, but know that you can get the last report or most updated action item list from them. Change is not a word in their vocabulary. Rather than answer your question, they provide every detail associated with the subject at hand.

And what about the people who seem so rude. They have no interest in your weekend, the kids, or you for that matter.  Why are they so focused on the facts? “What is the basis of your data?” The facts! The facts! The facts! They seem to be so driven with data that people and their needs seem not to exist. Perhaps it takes ‘time’ for them to decide. Is it really necessary for them to provide their resume when introducing themselves? They ask questions…so many questions! Let’s not forget their need for innovation and research.

Oh yeah, there are the people who make you feel great about your life despite the apparent chaos. They really engage in conversations… for long periods of time. They don’t get upset when you interrupt their work to hear your life story, and they even remember it! How are they so nice? Why can they see the good in everyone? They seem to be emotional…very emotional, but they are so nice!

Lastly, who can forget the life of the party people! The people who seem to have fun regardless of what is happening, unless you are in a staff meeting, and then they seem like they are about to die! They seem to not have been born with a detail gene in their body. They always wait until the last minute to complete assignments. Join the True Color Series and begin improving your interaction with others today!

True Colors can help you to understand people and even yourself! It is a personality profile indicator that identifies your preferences in communication, interaction, conflict, and more. It is based on four colors: green, blue, orange, and gold. Good news: everyone has some of each color! There is neither a ‘good’ color nor a ‘bad’ color; there is your color spectrum. Contact The Marlo Company today and allow one of our certified facilitators to assist your team today!


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