Across industries, we always hear about the importance of clients — the client is always right, treat the clients like royalty. Where some businesses are missing out on reaching their full potential, though, has little to do with how they treat clients and everything to do with not engaging their employees. Of course we need clients to succeed, but we need actively engaged employees to keep the royalty happy. So what do engaged employees look like? They like their jobs, understand their roles, enjoy coming to work and are clear on how their efforts contribute to the overall company goals.

How Can I Better Engage With My Employees?

Here’s how you can improve employee engagement within your organization:

  1. Share your goals. Let your employees know what the company is striving for, and share how they can be a part. Be transparent — it can inspire employees to be part of the greater mission.
  2. Celebrate employee achievement. Recognize outstanding efforts and achievements regularly. Hold a monthly meeting or quarterly celebration or use a newsletter to showcase stellar efforts. Add incentives and prizes for even more excitement.
  3. Poll your people. Ask for your employees’ input on things like morale, upcoming changes or any other concerns. Let them feel heard and valued. And remember to respond — not every idea will be one you will implement, but at least acknowledge them.
  4. Give and get feedback regularly. Offer one-on-one performance reviews with supervisors to discuss concerns and ideas. Share things that are going well, and areas where the employees could improve. Then be open to hearing compliments and critiques from them, too. Encouraging the reviews to be a two-way street can make all the difference in the world.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

When you work to engage your employees, everyone wins. Here’s what happens when your employees are engaged:

  • Productivity increases. Happier employees get more done. They want the company to succeed and they do their best. Companies with engaged employees far outperform those where employees are checked out.
  • They are more trusting. A study found that 80 percent of employees who highly trust in management are committed to the organization, compared with 25 percent of employees with a low degree of trust.
  • Engaged employees show up. You’ll have far fewer employee absences when your people are happy and committed to your organization. When you like what you do, you want to come in and contribute!
  • Your bottom line goes up. Many studies have shown the correlation between happy, engaged employees and a company’s positive performance. Just check out Google’s and Apple’s stories for great examples and inspiration.
  • You’ll witness the difference ownership makes. Allowing your employees to feel ownership in their roles changes things. Employees will have some level of autonomy and use it wisely. They will look out for coworkers and dive into creative problem solving. Ownership makes a difference that will make you proud.

Actively working to get and keep your employees engaged takes time and effort. The Marlo Company offers trainings and customized support to help your managers carry out your mission and spark the best in your employees. Contact us to help you create a plan to engage your employees from the top down!

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